Politics taster sessions

Politics is an incredibly broad subject area, with a huge variety in study areas. You could opt for a politics degree, international politics or international political economy here at City, or combine elements with sociology or history. Our tasters here will give you an insight into exactly what all of these areas cover.

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The problem of global poverty

What is global poverty and why is it a problem for all of us? Dr Gwilym David Blunt talks you through in this taster lecture.

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The Politics of Populism

In this taster lecture in international politics, we take a look at what’s behind populism and its impact.

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The Political Economy of Global Inequality

What is going on in the world and how does inequality link to it all? This taster lecture will look at key questions around inequal societies and its impact.

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Religion, politics and its interplay

If you’re interested in the world and how it runs, this taster lecture will give you an insight into the relationship between the two.

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