Music taster sessions

Music is an incredibly broad subject area and covers areas such as composition, performance and musicology. We’ll give you a taste here of the sort of things we cover on music courses and an insight into the way we teach.

Sea Shanty TikTok cover image
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Sea Shanty TikTok

What is popular music at university level? You’ve probably come across sea shantys scrolling through TikTok and here Dr Adam Harper will explore exactly what’s going on in this example.

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Kate Bush's 'Cloudbusting'

If you’re taking A level music, you’ll undoubtedly have come across Kate Bush’s ‘Cloudbusting’. Dr Adam Harper will give you a flavour into what it’s like to analyse music at university.

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An introduction to improvisation

There are many techniques that you can use when improvising and we run through them as part of our Music course here at City. Here you can get a taster of what and how we teach.

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